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Patricia M on 18 years ago
Me gustaría saber quienes de ustedes hablan español para poder escribirnos por email smile question
hmullan on 18 years ago
I would eventually like to use the calendar but as yet there is not a good version released that I am happy with. As soon as I work out the kinks, I will set up the calendar for general usage.
rrose56 on 18 years ago
Will there be CR events posted to the calendar on this site? Such as leader's meetings and the like.
hmullan on 18 years ago
I will be on vacation for the next 2 weeks in sunny Ireland. Keep sending the articles and stories.
hmullan on 18 years ago
I LOVE them too and use them for the same reason you do. I have a few more that I will put up eventually. I am glad you like them though.
smile heart smile
rrose56 on 18 years ago
I LOVE the sounds of serenity. I will just come here to open them up before I work on other projects.
hmullan on 18 years ago
Hey Pgsdcoc, thats a great question. Can you repost it in the forum as I know there could be a lot of feedback to it? Thanks. smile
pgsdcoc on 18 years ago
Anyone ever delt with a pending cr candidate still under a docter prescription for methadone? Should they be totally of before attending cr?
rrose56 on 18 years ago
Yes, I would love to be in on a CR conference call.
Editor on 18 years ago
Anyone interested in participating in a conference call with other CR leaders?
hmullan on 18 years ago
Great forum posts, Thanks Rochelle.
Harry heart
hmullan on 18 years ago
There is a new forum thread for any classes or lessons done in group. Post them there so that others can share them. Thanks. Harry smile
Editor on 18 years ago
Welcome to the new and improved Chemical Recovery Ministry site. Lots of new things to see and maybe a few bugs to find. Look around, kick the tires and post comments on whatever you like. Enjoy!
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