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hmullan on 10 years ago
I would agree with Dink. Everything is possible but not everything beneficial. What are the benefits of me drinking again when it was drink that caused so much damage in my life. Why would I want to test God and the power He gave me to stop? This is not an act of faith and anything not done through faith is sin. So in the case of a recovering addict, it is sin to pick up again. What does anyone else think?
hmullan on 10 years ago
Congratulations! That's fantastic. Keep on keeping on and sharing that good news. cheesey cheesey
Dink on 10 years ago
Congratulations Tia!Much continued success in Christ.
Dink on 10 years ago
You are correct, drinking is not sin, but there is very fine line with drinking and drunkenness, especially for former C.R. members. Remember, as addicts and alcoholics we are in recovery for the rest of our lives, so why take the risk. This graduate seems to have lost all sensitivity to where drinking can lead them to. Ice cold water and kool-aid are great alternatives. Satan is very patient, and this person will most likely experience drunkenness again. I'm just saying.
Tia on 10 years ago
Good news to share. I graduated from the CR Ministry this past Sunday.
erotmil on 10 years ago
Question: If a CR graduate drinks but does not get drunk is that sin?
(for me it is) Asking many CR grads that have been out of CR for years many either drink alcohol or have had a drink. I express my concerns and suggest they visit CR a read a journal again (can't order people). Bible only says drunkeness is a SIN. What do you think?
erotmil on 10 years ago
tjnelson7 when I visited there about 4 years ago they did have CR.
tjnelson7 on 10 years ago
Hello All smile Does anyone know of a CR Group in the area of Phoeniz AZ? Let me know - thanks!!
Dink on 10 years ago
Thanks folks, I have it...
Dink on 10 years ago
Does anyone have a copy of the "lack of motivation" contract described in Some Sat in Darkness (pg.161)?
erotmil on 11 years ago
hey all ! What are you grateful for today ? I got a few 1. To be posting here instead of looking to score. 2.Studying with a guy I met. 3.Preparing for my day in my Bible (for church and CR). Could make a long list , think I will insert this topic into my group today. Have a great day!
disciplecoastal on 11 years ago
For all those living in the Los Angeles Region that have been blessed by the CR Ministry and those that are just curious please come out to our Annual CR Picnic Saturday, August 11 @ the Frank G Bonelli Park - 120 Via Verde San Dimas, CA 91773 Section Lakeside Umbrellas-
disciplecoastal on 11 years ago
Thank you Will and Rose for an informative and insightful lesson @ WDS.
tjnelson7 on 11 years ago
So far no info about a CR Meet-up at the WDS - I know we would love to do something!! But I think the consenses is - there will be a lot going on already... perhaps we could still have lunch or something on Saturday? If anyone is interested in that - let's plan it!
erotmil on 11 years ago
A couple news bits, first womens CR in orlando today (God willing) Also a new anchor doing article on K2 interviewed a friend about the substance. K2 is still legal in Florida
StaceyM on 11 years ago
Does anyone know of any CR-related gatherings in San Antonio at the World Discipleship Summit? We don't have a CR ministry in my church and I'd really like to meet up with some people.
Dink on 11 years ago
Hey Harry hope all is well. I hear there is a CR gathering sometime in July. Do you have the info??
Torsha Lynch on 11 years ago
Hello there, I am in North Carolina now we getting the woman's group going.
hmullan on 11 years ago
Thanks Eric, These should be fixed now as this was the download page problem. Please make sure to clear all your cache before trying.
erotmil on 11 years ago
There are two broken links "download the messages" and "print the classes" fyi
erotmil on 11 years ago
Things are on track with CR here in Orlando. Its great to have the Church's support for this much needed ministry. Thanks for keeping this site here Harry , its a great resource for articles and archived info too!
hmullan on 11 years ago
Apparently the sites download link was not working either. Just fixed it. Had anyone an issue with it?
hmullan on 11 years ago
Thanks for the heads up on that break. I just upgraded the site and it now appears to be fixed. Let me know if you see differently. cheesey
handsofsupport on 11 years ago
Hey Harry how are you bro?? The site looks great. I tried to download the audio from the link "Listen to the Audio" from the Willingness to Change Workshop while on an android device but it seemed to be linked to a parallel error page. Wanted to drop you a line and let you know.
StaceyM on 11 years ago
Hello, I'm new here. Does anyone know if there are going to be any CR-related events or get togethers in San Antonio, TX? Thank you.
erotmil on 11 years ago
Hey all, glad this site is here. Its a link to encourage our faith that many are in the battle and winning!
In Orlando we started meeting regularly after taking a break.
Pray for us to have success with the men coming and to have a women's CR group too soon. Thanks Eric
K9HNDLER on 11 years ago
Dink, we just graduated a young man this past Sunday, and I can share the process and the diploma with you if you like.
Tia on 11 years ago
Thank you Dink. I appreciate it. I live in VA, but I should be visiting Baltimore pretty soon to visit a sister who use to live here in VA. She goes to The Greater Baltimore now. So when I come up there. I will definitely seek into coming to one of your meetings. Expect a visit from me sometime in April.
Dink on 11 years ago
Hey Harry how are you bro?? Do you guys have any CR graduations coming up, or a dialogue with what it entails??
hmullan on 11 years ago
Thanks Dink for letting Tia know this.
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