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Dink on 11 years ago
Tia, my name is Dink, the Greater Baltimore Church has a CR meeting at 8am sharp every sunday morning before service. My wife Erica and her team leads around 9-13 women within there CR group. I can have my wife email you detailed information if this will help...
K9HNDLER on 11 years ago
The GFCofC of Maryland CR group is in the planning process for a MINI Workshop to help plant and strengthen the Montgomery County, NOVA and Baltimore CR Groups. The training will be a four hour block in march or april on a saturday morning. More details will follow.
hmullan on 11 years ago
I am sorry to hear that Tia. Why don't you send me an email at hmullan 'at' gmail.com and I can see what we can do to help. Replace the 'at' with the @ symbol.
Tia on 11 years ago
I'm from VA. I'm a recovering drug addict. I've tried getting into drug rehab program, but had the doors closed in my face. The church I go to has a CR program but I was having a hard time getting in touch with the couple who leads that ministry. I go to NA meetings and that's it. I feel as though I'm lost from here.
hmullan on 11 years ago
What do you need help with Tia. Where are you located?
Tia on 11 years ago
Is there anyone who is able to help me?
Fran B. on 11 years ago
Finally giving my last addiction to God...Sugar i.e. emotional eating, binging etc. 30 days abstinence from all junk food, packaged foods, sugar. Feel so much better! It's an addicts last resort. Don't go there. Heal your body with nutrition. Eat to live not live to eat.
K9HNDLER on 11 years ago
Maryland is ready and willing to come up for a CR conference in 2012. What is the general thought?
Jose L Sanchez on 12 years ago
MOM2011 Where do you stay at? what is your region?
Mom2011 on 12 years ago
Are there any parents of adult addicts here? or if not, does anyone know of a support group site for disciples? Thank you.
erotmil on 12 years ago
This Site is still a great place for helpful info even though it seems barren of members posting here regularly
erotmil on 12 years ago
Hey all, Hi Harry.
We are resurging CR in Orlando will post what that means after I know. Hey anyone know how is Ted williams doing?
Erjok on 12 years ago
Just want to say I love this site,keep up the good work those who are in charge of it..And I realize that that this site is what we make it. Hope fully I will make my own submissions. And I want to encourage other Cr grads and leaders that your thoughts do matter. Let us we all want to hear how God was moved powerfully in your ministry! Lets share our gratitude in this new year and continue to encourage one another:)
hmullan on 12 years ago
I have sent some contact numbers to your email address. Hope it works out for you.
R-Quimica on 12 years ago
Hi Im the brother with need of contacts in LA. My name is Franky Sanchez my # 323 830-9836 my email. @ I have not heard from the brother or anybody and I really need this contacts. Pls can I have them. Thx have a great day.
hmullan on 12 years ago
Take a minute to check out the changes to the CR posters and the CR Group formats posted in the Download Section.
hmullan on 12 years ago
Thanks for your question. i have passed it to a brother with contacts in LA whom he can put you in touch with. Let me know if you do not haer something in the next few days. Thanks
hmullan on 12 years ago
Hi Jeffrey,
In answer to your question, yes the site is being tended to but unfornunately the person tending it has very limited time. As for the posts, we have no control over those. the hope is that as CR rebuilds throughout the churches that those attending will see the value of a site like this and will participate and contribute more. please keep CR in your prayers that God will cause it to grow throughout our fellowship and beyond. Thanks for the question and concerns.:D
R-Quimica on 12 years ago
Hi Im a brother from the central region Latinos LA
I have been leading CR for 3yrs and now have needs for help on women with drug and alcohol problems. can you give me contact to brothers and sister near LA that lead CR ministrys. Thank you,
Jeffrey on 12 years ago
Why do I feel like this website is like a ghost town? Most of the posts are almost a year old! I enjoy digging through it, but there are no new changes! Why is the May issue of the Fellowship still being advertised as being "NOW" ready? Is this website being tended to? I'm sorry if I sound critical, but I know I like to see activity and changes! Please correct me if I'm wrong brothers and sisters!
Jeffrey on 12 years ago
Luke 5:31-32 ~Jesus

answered them, “It is not

the healthy who need a

doctor, but the sick. I

have not come to call the

righteous, but sinners to


A CR ministry to cater to

the sick and the sinners of

Spokane, WA sounds like a

perscription from Jesus

himself with unlimited

refills! The perscription

was written thousands of

years ago and will never

expire because the word of

God is alive and eternal!

Let the "Great Physician"

heal the hearts and minds

of those who have been

enslaved by their

addictions! Let's create a

safe place (CR-Chemical

Recovery) to spiritually

feed those in need and

let's break away the chains

of addiction!

Psalm 107:13-14 ~Then they

cried to the LORD in their

trouble, and he saved them

from their distress. He

brought them out of

darkness, the utter

darkness, and broke away

their chains.
hmullan on 12 years ago
Check ou the video The Truth About Alcohol in the Media section. Leave a comment.
hmullan on 12 years ago
Great to have you stop by. Don't keep this discovery to yourself. biglaugh
HOPEFORLIVE on 12 years ago
I am Disciple from San Diego Church. Making plans to begin Concerned Others Group. Found this site today. Wow!
bryompson on 13 years ago
There is a brother in our congregation, that another brother and i are working with, to help him over come his addiction of alcohol, we meet on a Sunday afternoon for 1 1/2 hours each sitting. The brother keep going back to his addiction each week. We are at a point where we are wondering if the brother need more than a CR meeting in helping him to over come his addiction. Can one be at a point where they need to be detox if they are not responding to our CR ministry meeting?
Jeffrey on 13 years ago
In Loving memory of Janet Soto
January 2nd 1952 - August 15th 2010

My mother passing away was a shock to me and an untimely death. I don't have the ability to pay for her funeral costs because of my limited income. An added problem is that her body is in San Antonio, TX and I live in Spokane, WA. I don't even have the means to fly out to Texas to see her one last time. I would like to give her a proper burial and service. I am in urgent need of assistance to be able to make this happen and so I am starting this memorial fundraiser for my mother. Time is of the essence because she is at the mercy of the San Antonio Medical Examiners office. I contact them everyday to let them know that I'm working out arrangements for her. I know God will bless any amount you can donate. Please follow link: http://funds.gofundme.com/hj90
Thank you!
vjsdesign on 13 years ago
I reside in rockland county New York and we have a samll group of men and also a small womens group that meet on Sunday. i read some comments on the CR website and like to share some thoughts. There are two DPI publication one is called Some Sat in Darkness and the other Rejocie Always. I Highly recomend these books as a good guide for us alone with the Bible.
Furthermore The AA big book has a chaphter called to the wives which is a good guide.
As far as attending meetings AA as well as Al-alon
is good but just as the any meeting it best to exaime the scriptures asd well as the other books I mention to see if what you here at meetings agree with the writen word. Thank you so much for allowing me to share these thoughts with you.
I respect you all for you passion to recover and help others to recover as well. Vic
Anindita on 13 years ago
Hi. I'm a disciple from the Indian Church of Christ, Mumbai. My husband is an alcoholic. We got married in the church. Unfortunately, he never got over his drinking problem. We were both serving in the ministry. We were asked to step down once it was discovered. He was soon asked to take a 'break' from Church. Two months ago, he decided to quit, but went through a bad withdrawl. This followed with hospitalization and now he is in rehab. I've learned since then that I've been a codependent. However, some of things I've learned at Al-Anon are not quite biblical as they teach us to be selfish. Looking for friends who can really understand as out here we cannot get access to books and support groups.
hope on 13 years ago
Thank you StlCoRE, I ordered the book. I will let you know how it goes...
StlCoRe on 13 years ago
Hope, I work with a group of women going through Codependency Recovery. We are starting the book Discover Joy by Dr. Joy Bodzioch. It doesn't deal with co-dependency directly, but many of the issues she addresses are related to issues we have as codependents. I believe that as we get our hearts right, God uses that to affect our husbands. Much love and prayer,
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