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Don't BYOB

 Editor    Mar 15 : 16:12
 None    Question and Answer

I am an addict that has been in recovery for almost two years.

I am an addict that has been in recovery for almost two years. Recently I invited a friend and his wife over for dinner with my girlfriend and I. In the course of inviting them, they suggested that they bring drinks. When they arrived at the house, the drinks they had brought was a six pack of beer. Thankfully I had soda on hand that I could drink. After the couple left, I notced there was still a beer left in the refrigerator. I quickly threw it out in the trash. I don't feel that this was handled with the greatest of wisdom. What could I have done differently?

When we have friends over for a meal or just to spend time, we cannot assume that they know that we are in recovery. Even if they do know, they may forget. When hosting a party or a dinner, make sure that the persons involved in picking up refreshments know that alcohol is not a suitable option. When new friends are coming, have them bring dessert instead, suggesting what to bring so that they don't show up with a rum cake. Some people may feel that this is prohibitive, but your sobriety is worth far more that one night. True friends will understand and accept your positon.

Obviously, when you are at someone elses home, you should first determine whether drink will be served. If you do not feel comfortable, decline the invitation with an explanation. Arrange for a better time when the gathering can be without drink. If alcohol is brought into your home by accident, it is better to ask that it remains unopened and the bringer leaves with it at the end of the evening. Of course, this should be communicated gently so that you friend has a full understanding of what you are.

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