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Stepping Up To CR

 Editor    Feb 06 : 23:29
 None    Question and Answer

I am studying the Bible with someone who is heavily involved with AA and NA.

I am studying the Bible with someone who is heavily involved with AA and NA. They feel that they are clean and sober yet they smoke on a daily basis. Should I have them come to CR and what is the best approach here?

Alcoholics Anonymous and other twelve step programs provide the best solution the world has to offer. The programs do work if you work them. Unfortunately, many of them do not consider cigarette smoking an addiction, therefore you can encounter many people who have not used "hard" drugs in many years and claim to be clean and sober while still being enslaved to nicotine.
The goal of discipleship is not to be mastered by anything or anyone except Jesus. Don't threaten their AA/NA attendance! They can attend both CR and their twelve step program. They may feel that the only reason they're sober is their group attendance. It is better, however, that their sponser is a disciple as they will hear teachings and opinions that will be contrary to what they are learning from the scriptures.
Study the bible with them. Realize that they might have had problems with churches in the past. Give them time to see that this church is different. Build a great friendship with them and teach them how to make Jesus, Lord of all the areas of their lives. They'll eventually come to see the truth.

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