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Monday, February 07, 2005 - 18:55:32

Dr. E.M. Jellinek, a native of Brooklyn, NY is recognized as one of the premier researchers in the field of alcoholism. He was one of the strongest proponents of alcoholism as a disease. He even went on to typify drinkers into four classes, with the two most severe classes being alcoholics. His writings and descriptions did more for the acceptance of the disease concept of alcoholism and of A.A. as a respectable therapeutic modality than any other medical force of the time. Most every patient in A.A.-based recovery centers in this country encounters the "Jellinek Curve", which describes the progression of the disease. Although, in the Chemical Recovery ministry, we do not concur with all of Dr Jellineks theories, his chart is very useful in better understanding the stages of addiction.

Jellinek Chart (Modified)

The Symptoms and Phases of Alcoholism & Drug Abuse

Prodromal Phase

(Early Warning)

Acute Phase


Chronic Phase


- First Blackout

- Sneak Drinks

- Preoccupied with drinking

- Gulp drinks

- Avoids Reference

- Frequent Blackouts

- Loss of Control

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