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Whitney Houston: Cocaine in System At Time of Death

 Editor    Mar 26 : 12:45
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Recently we learned that the death of Whitney Houston was indeed caused by her relapse into drug abuse.

Whitney HoustonRecently we learned that the death of Whitney Houston was indeed caused by her relapse into drug abuse. The coroner indicated that there was water found in her lungs leading us to believe that she slipped beneath the water unable to help or save herself. Simply thinking about this is horrific. The world lost an incredibly talented singer and actress in the death of Ms Houston.

Those who surrounded her claim that they were certain that she had stopped using drugs and that she was working hard on her recovery. The autopsy tells a different story that she was still an active cocaine user while trace amounts of several other prescription drugs such as Xanax and Flexeril were also found in her system. While it is so easy for the user to convince themselves that their using affects only themselves the case of Ms Houston shows what a complete fallacy that belief is.

Even if you were not a fan, you could not deny her talent and presence. Her death shows again that drug addiction is no respecter of persons. It will kill the homeless bum living under the bridge as fast as it will kill the celebrity as in the recent cases of Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. The only difference is the amount of publicity it gets.

As Ms Houston leaves behind a beautiful young daughter, a mourning ex-husband and a legion of heart broken fans there are those who I am sure ask themselves if they could have done more to prevent this from happening. A lesson that we can all take from this is that if we see a family member or a friend struggling with drugs or alcohol to not stand in judgement on them but to strive to get them the help they need. Drug and alcohol addiction is a terrible scourge but it can be overcome, it can be beaten.

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